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AUSTIN, TX, June 23, 2008 – In the towns of Mbala and Ndola, many families and children lack the basic resources needed to survive and are struggling with the growing AIDS epidemic. Located in Zambia, Africa, the communities are in dire need of assistance. Together with World Vision, a company dedicated to helping impoverished children, the West Hills Presbyterian Church (WHPC) wants to empower the people of Mbala and Ndola to step boldly into a future of health and HIV awareness.

WHPC is sending a team to respond to the humanitarian crisis and work in Mbala and Ndola to participate in community development projects, and offer education about HIV. One member of the team is the President/CEO of Chasse Consulting and humanitarian, Beverly Chasse. She states,

“While I look forward to experiencing a different lifestyle, I fear the realization that there is only so much we can do to help with not only the basics to survive, but also fight the spread and stigma of AIDS. This is something that we as a nation have to commit to. That is why as a company, Chasse Consulting continues to be dedicated to philanthropic causes globally.”

Specifically, Chasse will focus on a women’s conference at Northrise University in Ndola where she will work with local women to empower them to deal with the daily struggles that poverty creates and assist them in understanding their inner-strength and value within their community.

Additionally, Chasse will meet with key leaders at the university to understand how she can contribute to HIV awareness worldwide and help encourage learning throughout these two communities. She says, “Chasse Consulting gives 10% of its time to humanitarian causes and this trip to Zambia is the right one.” By meeting with key leaders, Chasse Consulting will devise strategies to provide an online university for residents in border towns who cannot attend classes as well as help create online learning to fight the need for AIDS awareness.

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