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Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., a leading provider of sales performance and translation consulting services, is proud to announce that our own Creative Director, Ricardo Latorre, has been recognized by Elearning! Magazine as a Learning! Champion in the Creative Consultant category.

Each year Elearning! Magazine spotlights 47 training industry professionals across eight categories: Lifetime Achievement, Thought Leader, Trail Blazer, High Performer, Mentor, Creative Consultant, Innovator and Rookie of the Year. Latorre was selected from hundreds of submission in the Creative Consultant category, recognizing those with the ability to create learning solutions that scale beyond the current challenge. “I am grateful to be recognized alongside so many other noteworthy individuals whose influence has shaped the learning industry,” said Latorre. “I will continue aiming to create visually dynamic stories that engage those learners who like me were written off as ‘Easily distracted.’”

Through solutions tailored to different types of learners, Latorre has composed visually appealing stories that unveil and enhance the hidden potential of students that would have otherwise been written off by the system in school and business settings alike. Each solution he’s had a hand in has resulted in transforming struggling students into proficient professionals. Sales reps world round and children from elementary to high school have benefited from Latorre’s efforts to compose meaningful, relatable and engaging lessons with the goal to augment the capability every individual already has inside them.

“Ricardo is a leader in every aspect of this company,” said President & CEO, Beverly Chasse. “From the mission work we do to the design landscape he tailors to both captivate and educate, Ricardo is the cornerstone of our eLearning approach, embodying our values to exceed expectations by putting quality first.”

As Elearning! Magazine’s Claire Johnson asserts, “Learning isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Chasse Consulting is grateful to have Ricardo Lattore lead our relay towards the finish line.

About Elearning! Magazine:

Elearning! Magazine is the exclusive voice of the $220 billion enterprise learning market. As new technologies develop, enterprise networks are born and content evolves, you can rely on Elearning! Magazine to keep you up to speed. The magazine delivers executives the roadmap for improving enterprise, partner, and employee performance. As the voice of the robust learning and workplace technology market, our audience sees, shares, and collaborates on industry best practices, technologies, and processes.

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