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AUSTIN, TX, July 27, 2009 – Beverly Chasse, President and CEO of Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., has returned once again from an eye-opening, two-week mission trip to Zambia, Africa. As part of her church, Chasse and a team of missionaries met with local Zambians to discuss the need for education around AIDS, and address key issues such as the lack of food and water supply. Partnering with nonprofit organizations, World Vision and EMPACT Africa, and local residents, Chasse’s tour made three stops, which culminated in a special treat—the opportunity to meet her African sponsor child and his family, for the first time.

The first stop on her busy itinerary: Kanyama, a village in the city of Lusaka where Chasse and other church representatives partnered with locals to determine potential opportunities to improve the education, nourishment and healthcare needs of the residents. There, she spent half a day with the founder of EMPACT Africa, overseeing the program to educate pastors on HIV/AIDS education. In Austin, Beverly is a board member for EMPACT Africa. The nonprofit tackles the devastating stigma of AIDS in Zambia, and leads workshops that train pastors how to lead their congregations and communities away from the public shame of HIV. These efforts create healing and education for the African people through practical workshops, a proven step that increases awareness and addresses the suffering caused by AIDS.

From there, Chasse traveled to Mbala where she toured World Vision’s headquarters, a humanitarian charity organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by confronting the causes of poverty and injustice. Mission team members were touched by the progress they witnessed, first-hand—a result, no-doubt, at least partially due to the church’s on-going partnership with World Vision to build a local school and homes for teachers.

Beverly’s last, and possibly most cherished stop along her journey, was finally meeting the child she has been sponsoring through World Vision for the past 3 years.

“Meeting my sponsor child and actually seeing the impact of World Vision was breathtaking,” Chasse remembered. It was an experience she will not forget, and “an honor and a privilege to meet who I consider to be my extended family in Mbala,” she stated.

It is with renewed gratitude that Chasse returns to the United States. With vivid memories from the third-world regions, she plans to continue her support with both prayer and supplies.

“The African people are not looking for a hand out,” Chasse reminisces. “They are people looking for an extended family in America—and that is exactly what I promise to be for them.”

For more information about the organizations mentioned above, and how you can get involved, please visit their Websites: EMPACT Africa World Vision

About Chasse Consulting: Chasse Consulting is a leading provider of sales solutions and services focused on sales organizations. Companies such as Adobe and IBM have invested in the unique tools and services of Chasse Consulting to develop sales strategies, improve forecasting accuracy, aid in mergers and acquisitions, and finally, enhance sales performance. Customers have seen up to a 400% increase in the number of sales since implementing Chasse solutions. For more information, please visit,

Beverly Chasse, President and CEO: Beginning in 2002, Beverly Chasse combined her 25 years of leadership and sales management experience with her goal to change organizations’ sales strategies to create her own company, Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. Seven years later Chasse has transformed the way Fortune 500 organizations sell. The mission is cutting-edge, yet clear cut—help organizations strategically improve their sales performance, revenue stream, and productivity in today’s competitive and fast paced marketplace. Because of her hard work and dedication to the field, Chasse has earned the designation as one of the most effective sales strategy consultants in the industry. However, even with her busy schedule, Chasse makes it a priority to reach out to those less fortunate. She volunteers countless hours of her own time to non-profit organizations not only in the Austin community, but around the world. This has included trips to Africa to work with local villages and underprivileged children there. She also serves as a board member for both the Manos de Cristo and EMPACT Africa non-profit organizations, proving once again that she is a true leader in the Austin community. In addition, each year Chasse commits part of her company’s profits to children’s charitable organizations, so that every child in poverty can have a better chance of defying the odds and overcoming life’s challenges.

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