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Austin, TX, June 7, 2012Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., a leading provider of sales performance consulting and translation services for Fortune 500 companies, has been named by the Austin Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work in Central Texas for 2012. In front of an audience of nearly 700, Chasse Consulting was ranked in the top 20 in its category at a special luncheon hosted by the Austin Business Journal on June 6.Chasse Consulting was chosen from among a competition record of 268 other nominees.

“The journal’s recognition of Chasse Consulting as one of the best places to work is both an honor and a testament to when you care about your employees and their success, you create a workplace that people are proud to be a part of,” said 8-year Chasse Consulting employee and Global Program Manger Mamie Woods. “It’s a formula that we have seen translate into low turnover and high employee morale, which assures our clients that the relationships they build from first working with us are long-term.”

The award recognizes Chasse Consulting’s unique company work culture as well as its commitment to creating quality jobs in Austin. The accomplishment is a first of its kind for the company. Winners were judged based on answers provided by employees on a confidential survey with questions focused on company life, benefits, and management style.

Asked what she thought made Chasse Consulting one of the best places to work in Central Texas, company president and CEO Beverly Chasse said:

“Our company is driven by the belief that customer success is non-negotiable, which is guaranteed not just by delivering high-quality solutions, but by investing in the people that create them. It’s the unique skills of our employees that differentiate us in the market, which is why we’re continuously committed to fostering an open and creative work culture that continuously challenges our people and provides them with exciting growth opportunities to flourish and thrive with the organization.”

The company has seen sizable growth since its inception in 2002 as a three-woman start-up. Over the last four years alone it has more than quadrupled its staff and added a new translation division to make its solutions more global for its clients. Chasse Consulting leadership has sought to infuse this entrepreneurial spirit into the workplace by creating a highly collaborative work atmosphere that encourages creative thinking in all areas of the business. Some of the company benefits include profit sharing, competitive salaries and benefits, group outings, charity work, diversity enrichment events, continuous education, and the monthly “Chasse 411 Lunch & Learn” workshop in which Chasse Consulting treats its employees to lunch and a professional development seminar.

“Chasse Consulting believes its clients’ success is tied directly with its employees’ success – a healthy work-life balance held together by a creative and unique work environment is essential to that,” said Chasse.

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