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Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., a leading provider of sales performance and translation consulting services, is pleased to announce that Ricardo Latorre has joined its team as its new Creative Director, effective immediately. Ricardo will report directly to the CEO as a member of the executive team, overseeing Chasse Consulting’s acclaimed creative department. In his new role, he will lead and drive the creative vision for all company products and services – helping to propel innovation in all areas of the business.

The addition of Ricardo will further Chasse Consulting’s continual efforts to remain at the frontline of innovation in the suite of solutions the company offers. To accomplish this objective, Ricardo’s immediate focus is to identify areas of the creative department that present the greatest opportunities for growth and then implementing changes that will complement processes already in place.

Chasse Consulting is committed to delivering innovative sales solutions that not only drive strategic enablement for our clients but that also give them a competitive edge in the market. Ricardo has taken on the unique challenge of continuing that initiative and moving us to the next level. His energy, passion, ideas and leadership qualities make him a clear fit to fuel our continued growth at the product development level and better position our solution offerings now and into the future. — Beverly Chasse, President and CEO

When asked what most excites him about joining Chasse Consulting, Ricardo noted, “The contagious passion of everyone in the company attracted me most. Stepping foot in the office, you immediately sense that everyone feels very passionate about the company and about their work—striving to make the company successful by helping other companies become successful.”

Having served as Creative Director at Compass Learning for a decade, and also leading his own design studio, Latorre brings a broad background in design including experience with flash, web design, traditional animation, and storyboarding. He adheres to a bottom-up management philosophy that compliments Chasse Consulting’s collaborative atmosphere and work environment, firmly believing that nurturing the success and happiness of the team will guarantee the happiness and success of the company as a whole.

Long-term, I look forward to becoming an integral contributor of the Chasse Consulting team and having the opportunity to empower others to use their creative expertise toward creating inventive offerings that will further the success of not only Chasse Consulting, but of our clients as well.

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