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August 11, 2002 – Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies Inc., today announced that Beverly Chasse has been named as Chief Executive Officer. A seasoned leader with a strong history in sales, Chasse brings more than 15 years of experience of planning, consulting and implementing sales methodologies at many organizations. As CEO, she adds both industry knowledge and a passion for quality to Chasse Consulting. She is excited to leverage knowledge gained from creating and driving sales for other organizations, and applying that knowledge to Chasse Consulting.

In the past, Chasse has directed leading organizations such as IBM, BEA, and Hewlett Packard to increase their overall sales performance. Her expertise lies in building solid sales strategies and tools that increase the sales effectiveness of a company’s sales force. Immediately prior to establishing Chasse Consulting, Chasse worked as an independent consultant who helped to develop core functions for internal sales organizations, customer reference programs and other sales improvement consulting services for large-scale corporate clients.

About Chasse Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies Inc., is the world’s leading provider of sales solutions and services focused on performance effectiveness. International companies such as BEA and Surgient have invested in Chasse’s unique tools and services to better prepare their sales organizations for new products, solutions, and mergers. Their primary focus is to look for areas to increase revenues through additional sales and increased deal size, while decreasing costs by use of existing resources to deliver sales effectiveness tools.

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