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Austin-based consultancy commemorates event with new website, engagement strategy, continued focus on providing end-to-end sales performance solutions

AUSTIN, TEXAS, September 14, 2012 – Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., a leading provider of sales performance consulting and translation services for Fortune 500 companies, celebrated its 10 year anniversary this month.

The company has seen exponential growth over the last few years, having more than quadrupled its staff since 2009. To further fuel its expansion, Chasse Consulting will continue to focus on providing global end-to-end sales performance solutions for clients in the fields of strategy, content development, training and translation. As part of Chasse Consulting’s Year 10 Initiative, and to commemorate the milestone, the company has launched a new website supported by a targeted engagement strategy.

“Over the last decade, Chasse Consulting has remained strong through fast growth and rough economic climates, and today stands as a bolder, more fearless company than ever before,” said founder and current president and CEO Beverly Chasse. “That success is attributed to many factors, but chief among them is our guiding belief that our client’s success is non-negotiable, meaning that the products and solutions Chasse Consulting delivers will be grounded in creativity, innovation, research and solid execution while demonstrating clear ROI. This serves both our customers and our company very well, especially in today’s hyper-competitive market.”

As part of Chasse Consulting’s strategy moving into the next decade, the company will continue to refine its broad end-to-end business solutions, grow its translation department and enhance its creativity division by providing more robust multimedia capabilities to its clients, all of which will continue to support the company’s ongoing expansion efforts and charity initiatives.

Asked how this positions Chasse Consulting in the sales strategy and translation market, VP of business development Rana Salman replied:

“Our ability to offer complete, customized end-to-end business solutions allows us to stand alone in the industry. Working with Chasse Consulting means working with one partner, one SOW, and no hassle. And we maintain this unique position by continuing to actively listen to our customers’ pain and partnering with them to identify the right solution that meets their needs.”

The company’s Year 10 Initiative also involves a newly launched website and engagement strategy focused on content marketing, public relations, industry blogging and social media to better reach and interact with customers on industry news, events and discussion topics.

“At Chasse Consulting, we make it our duty to challenge our clients’ accepted beliefs and to breathe creativity into the ways they do business,” said Chasse. “We’re thrilled with what lies ahead in terms of the solutions and products our seasoned team is introducing, and look forward to continue partnering with our clients to help them enhance their sales performance and increase market share.”

Chasse Consulting Company History

Founded in 2002, Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. is a woman-owned, woman-run organization dedicated to improving the ways companies sell through effective strategy and execution. The company’s underlying mission is to also provide the financial means by which it can support its various local and international charity initiatives.

Customers have seen up to a 400% increase in the number of sales since implementing Chasse Consulting solutions. In 2011, the company expanded operations to include a new translation division, allowing it to better globalize its sales solutions. The end result: Chasse Consulting now serves its clients in a full-service capacity – not only providing strategic sales insight, analysis, tools, content, and training, but now translation and localization services as well.

This year, Chasse Consulting celebrates 10 years with a robust strategic outlook to grow and thrive in today’s sales strategy and translation industry. The company has seen exciting growth in recent years, having more than quadrupled its staff since 2009. The mission is still the same, however – to provide quality service with the customers’ needs always in mind while continuing to serve as a pillar of the local community.

About Chasse Consulting:

Chasse Consulting is a leading provider of sales solutions and translation services focused on enhancing revenue growth for Fortune 500 companies. Organizations have invested in the unique tools and services of Chasse Consulting to develop sales strategies, improve forecasting accuracy, aid in mergers and acquisitions, enhance sales performance, and streamline their global translation processes. Customers have seen up to a 400% increase in the number of sales since implementing Chasse Consulting solutions, as well as measurable efficiency in the way they handle their translation process.

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