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AUSTIN, TEXAS, October, 11, 2012 – Beverly Chasse, president and CEO of Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc., a leading provider of sales performance and translation consulting services, has been nominated by the Austin Business Journal for a 2012 Best CEO Award.

Nominees were treated to a private party hosted by the Austin Business Journal at the AT&T Executive Education Conference Center. The event was the culmination of a months-long process steered by a panel of esteemed business leaders. Judges evaluated all aspects of a CEO’s performance — from revenue to company culture.

“This recognition from the Austin Business Journal is as much an honor for all of Chasse Consulting as it is for Beverly,” said Vice President of Business Development Rana Salman, Ph.D. “The truth is, we’ve always considered Beverly the best CEO. Not only does she demonstrate great leadership and expertise in guiding her company that helps us to become the best in the business, but her dedication to helping those less fortunate through her mission and charity work make her an inspiration to all her employees. We’re thrilled she’s receiving acknowledgment for it in the community.”

News of the nomination comes as the company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. As part of Chasse Consulting’s Year 10 Initiative, and to commemorate the milestone, the company has launched a new website supported by a targeted engagement strategy. To further fuel the expansion the company has seen in the last few years, Chasse Consulting will continue to focus on providing global end-to-end sales performance solutions for clients in the fields of strategy, content development, training and translation.

Beverly Chasse, President and CEO: Beginning in 2002, Beverly Chasse combined her 25 years of leadership and sales management experience with her goal to change organizations’ sales strategies to create her own company, Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. Seven years later Chasse has transformed the way Fortune 500 organizations sell. The mission is cutting-edge, yet clear cut—help organizations strategically improve their sales performance, revenue stream, and productivity in today’s competitive and fast paced marketplace. Because of her hard work and dedication to the field, Chasse has earned the designation as one of the most effective sales strategy consultants in the industry.

About Chasse Consulting: Chasse Consulting is a leading provider of sales solutions and translation services focused on enhancing revenue growth for Fortune 500 companies. Organizations have invested in the unique tools and services of Chasse Consulting to develop sales strategies, improve forecasting accuracy, aid in mergers and acquisitions, enhance sales performance, and streamline their global translation processes. Customers have seen up to a 400% increase in the number of sales since implementing Chasse Consulting solutions.

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