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Austin, TX, May 23, 2011 – Austin nonprofit Manos de Cristo unanimously elected Beverly Chasse, Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. founder and CEO, as its new board president at the organization’s monthly board meeting Monday night. Her appointment comes after spending the last three years working with the local charity that provides low-income families of Central Texas with access to free dental health clinics, a clothes closet, a food pantry, and assorted educational services.

Beverly Chasse was named board president of the Austin nonprofit Manos de Cristo on May 23, 2011.

“Manos de Cristo is an incredible advocate for the local impoverished,” said Chasse. “I am deeply humbled by this opportunity with a wholehearted thanks to the board for this investment in confidence, and I take the reins with a fully committed approach to advancing Manos de Cristo’s reach in the area and seeking newer ways through which we can have a positive impact.”

Chasse has been an active supporter of Manos’ charity efforts since 2008. Her company participates annually in its back-to-school events, and Chasse has held a seat on the Manos board for the last two and a half years, having served as the developmental chairwoman since early 2010. She currently spearheads the planning and production of the organization’s first-ever charity golf tournament, the Manos de Cristo Charity Golf Classic, which is to be held in September. Other plans in 2011 involve expanding the non-profit’s charitable initiatives and growing local involvement.

Outside of Manos de Cristo, Chasse also dedicates her time to supporting an assortment of other organizations including World Vision through the West Hills Presbyterian Church of Austin, DiscoverHope and Charity: Water, to which she’s donated funds for the construction of four freshwater wells in three Ethiopian villages and at a medical clinic. Community service has long been a priority for Chasse and is even a guiding principle of her consulting company’s vision statement. In fact, employees are encouraged annually to dedicate 10 percent of their skill or resources to a charitable event of their choosing, a company practice since 2002.

About Manos de Cristo:

Manos de Cristo is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering low-income individuals by promoting dignity and self-reliance. Manos was founded in 1988, and the dental clinic opened its doors to the Austin community in 1990. Manos hosts a wide range of adult education classes; houses a food pantry, a clothes closet, and two computer labs.

Manos de Cristo receives support from individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations, whose contributions enable Manos to help more than 15,000 people in central Texas each year. Led by Executive Director Julie Ballesteros, Manos is a safe place for the homeless and working poor of Austin to come for emergency food and clothing, oral health care, and education.

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About Chasse Consulting: Chasse Consulting is a leading provider of sales solutions and services focused on sales organizations. Companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard have invested in the unique tools and services of Chasse Consulting to develop sales strategies, improve forecasting accuracy, aid in mergers and acquisitions, and finally, enhance sales performance. Customers have seen up to a 400% increase in the number of sales since implementing Chasse solutions. For more information, please visit

Beverly Chasse, President and CEO: Beginning in 2002, Beverly Chasse combined her 25 years of leadership and sales management experience with her goal to change organizations’ sales strategies to create her own company, Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. Seven years later Chasse has transformed the way Fortune 500 organizations sell. The mission is cutting-edge, yet clear cut—help organizations strategically improve their sales performance, revenue stream, and productivity in today’s competitive and fast paced marketplace. Because of her hard work and dedication to the field, Chasse has earned the designation as one of the most effective sales strategy consultants in the industry.

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