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With Chasse Consulting, we help you develop an executable strategy that addresses your critical business issues and maps to your corporate objectives. This is the first reason why many companies hire us, then they hire us to execute on that strategy.

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Grow Your Business

Through our gap analysis, we will define a strategy to address the following areas:

  • Onboarding: evaluate and analyze your onboarding process, competencies, and ongoing new hire strategy

  • Sales team assessment: quantify how your salespeople in different regions and geographies are selling your solutions, evaluate their product mix, and their ability to meet their quota and forecast requirements

  • Pipeline and forecasting: determine which factors are impeding a predictable forecast and uncover gaps in pipeline management coaching

  • Content: evaluate existing content that your sales force uses and its effectiveness, and identify areas requiring additional training resources

  • Executive dashboard: qualify the ability to acquire data needed to proactively identify issues and areas of risk so they can be addressed

Upon completion of our analysis, we design a customized and executable plan that details what you must do to eliminate these gaps and reach your strategic objectives.



Achieve Your Goals

Your sales force must be appropriately enabled with the tools and skills they need to perform in a complex and highly competitive marketplace.

A Field Enablement Plan that details a clear 18-month strategy for new hires, existing reps, and those struggling, is the best way to strategically allocate the time, money, and resources in a way to ensure you successfully yield a return on your investments.

Chasse Consulting develops and assists in the delivery of a comprehensive Field Enablement Plan that will help you increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve your competitive advantage. Our plan is customized to fit your needs, your strategy, your culture, and your solutions.

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Expert Guidance

Chasse Consulting will analyze your existing sales, technical, and partner training content to determine how it can be leveraged in the development of a new training program. We evaluate each learner’s job requirements to create a customized learning path providing the information and skills required to be successful in their role.

As part of our process, we prioritize the customer’s strategic initiatives in order of most immediate need. The goal is to avoid re-work and re-creation of content by leveraging the value of your investment in the existing training resources.

In addition to our expertise in strategic planning and content rationalization, companies hire Chasse Consulting to implement and execute the development of compelling sales, partner, and customer tools and training.

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Accelerate Ramp Time

Effective onboarding is a critical component to the future success of an organization. When properly developed and deployed, onboarding drives revenues reducing turnover and retaining top talent, resulting in an exceptional return on your training investments.

However, many organizations fail to develop an effective onboarding plan, resulting in increased costs and lost revenue as a result of inefficiency.

Organizations spend close to $140 billion annually to recruit and train new employees.  Without a structured on-boarding program, over 50% of newly hired sales reps leave or are terminated before becoming productive within their role. The cost of replacing sales talent is nearly 1.5 times their annual salary.

Chasse Consulting develops an onboarding plan that gets your new hires up to speed quickly, accelerating their integration in the business and their contributions to the bottom line.  Our plan includes a detailed roadmap that provides your new hires a clear path of where they need to go and what they need to do, to be successful in their role.

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