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In today’s competitive market, your sales team is one of your biggest assets. What are you doing to make sure they are armed with the right resources so they can outperform the competition and increase revenues? Chasse Consulting provides your sales force with a variety of services and solutions, customized to fit your strategy, your product, your solutions, and your brand.

With Chasse Consulting’s offerings, your sales team can rise to the challenges of tough economic conditions and ultimately help your organization reach its strategic goals.


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Meet Revenue Goals

Have you offered customized solutions training to your sales team and still failed to meet your revenue goals? Does your sales team lack expertise in selling a complete end-to-end solution?

Development of compelling solutions requires a value-centric approach.  Instead of focusing on features and technical functions, Chasse Consulting’s content development is designed to enable sales teams to create strategic solutions that address specific customer issues.

Sales teams need the knowledge and ability to effectively integrate diverse products and solutions to fit a customer’s ever-changing requirements. This process integrates all components, including leveraging sales tools, enabling your sales force to sell a complete solution.

By leveraging sales tools and the ability to design and develop a framework integrating multiple components, your sales force will be enabled to sell a complete solution.


Visually Represent Ideas

We consistently hear of Executives having a great vision, but they do not have the skills or tools to visually represent their ideas.  We also encounter Sales Reps who are overwhelmed by information that needs to be delivered as an interactive, compelling story.

Chasse Consulting has assembled an exceptional, award-winning design and development team that are experts in creating powerful visuals to express a message or idea.  Examples include designing multimedia presentations, information graphics, marketing collateral, and web and mobile-ready content. These visually stunning presentations help motivate the participants and influence a particular learner’s behavior.

Chasse Consulting is focused on developing quick, mobile-ready, just-in-time training for its Fortune 500 clients.

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Facilitate Discovery Conversations

Every interaction your sales force has with the customer is an opportunity. Make it effective by developing and certifying your sales force on a Whiteboard presentation. This interactive and compelling presentation engages your sales force in a two-way conversation with their customers on your current or acquired products and solutions. It is designed to stimulate interest in your solution, facilitate a discovery conversation, and prompt the buyer to provide information that will lead to a sale.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies have used Whiteboard presentations to successfully engage their customers. At Chasse Consulting, we specialize in designing customized Whiteboard presentations and training your sales force to use them effectively.


Design. Development. Production. Delivery.

To be effective in today’s market, organizations must keep up with an ever-changing, complex, wide spectrum of technical products and solutions. IT leaders struggle with market trends, and advances in technology, making it more challenging than ever to stay competitive and ensure their content is current and compelling.

Chasse Consulting utilizes the latest ground-breaking software and hardware solutions to develop your media. Companies need to distribute current technical training content, sales tools, demos, and marketing material proactively, quickly, and thoroughly for their customers. Certain content must be customized to a specific persona, and made available just in time for mobile learners.

Chasse Consulting will create a customized solution, working from the project design through the development and delivery stages of the content creation process, with an emphasis on flexible new media production, creative development, and inspiring information design.

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Right Tools at the Right Time

Organizations provide their sales force with tools, but oftentimes there are either too many or not enough of the right tools to help them sell efficiently. This may result in a sales team that is unprepared and vulnerable to the competition.

Differentiate your sales team from the rest by offering the “must-have” tools they need to help them effectively navigate through each stage of the sales cycle.

Chasse Consulting designs and creates sales tool books called the eToolbook™ that include critical tools customized specifically to your products, market, and strategy so that your sales team will know what to say and do throughout the sales cycle.

Chasse’s eToolbooks™ have many benefits, including:

  • Reduced ramp-up time and faster time to the first sale for new hires to the sales organization

  • Improved collaboration between sales and marketing

  • Stronger outcomes for new product and campaign launches

  • Must-know information delivered in a format your sales team will use

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