Sales and Technical Training

Sales and Technical Training

Your sales force is the face of your organization.  They must be equipped with up-to-date information about your products.  One bad interaction with the customer can threaten the health of an account and impact your revenues and competitive edge.   Training your technical sales force after an acquisition and getting them up to speed on the newly acquired products can be an additional challenge.

A recent study has revealed that more than 80% of execs rate their first meeting with vendors as a waste of time.  Chasse Consulting understands these challenges and offers technical product training courses, available online or through face-to-face training.  The course content is customized to your needs and easily accessible to your sales team.  Created by our industry sales experts, our technical product training courses ensure that your sales team can intelligently explain your products while also effectively selling them.  Chasse can write the content for you, or we can use your content as a baseline for module development.  We also translate this content, and localize it to your global customer’s region as needed.

Customer Testimonials:

“What we liked about Chasse was that their approach was very sales focused so they had typical sales force behavior, and they showed us a very pragmatic approach to driving sales transformation through a culmination of training as well as practices in the field.”

“Not only were the results overwhelmingly positive, we also saw an immediate impact on revenue.”

Sales and technical training services include:

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