Post-Merger Integration

Post-Merger Integration

Organizations face significant risks when combining two or more entities in a merger or acquisition. A KPMG study revealed that 83% of mergers and acquisitions failed to produce any of the anticipated benefits, and over half actually ended up reducing the value of the companies involved.

At Chasse Consulting we understand the complexity and challenges of mergers and acquisitions, but also believe there are tremendous opportunities when the combined organizations’ personnel and assets are successfully leveraged and integrated. Strategic intelligence in planning, communications, enablement, and successfully integrating the best aspects of the combined corporate cultures will result in meeting and exceeding the objectives of the merger.

Customer Testimonial

The strategy, tools, and training Chasse Consulting provided during the company’s M&A occurred in Q1 2007 and contributed to a 28% increase in revenues the next quarter.

Post-merger integration services include:

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