Conference Project Management and Agenda Creation

Conference Project Management and Agenda CreationFor over a decade, Fortune 500 companies have hired Chasse Consulting to design and execute high impact sales conferences and events targeting sales organizations and their customers. Chasse Consulting’s fundamental goal is to enable your sales force to execute on your company’s strategic sales initiatives. Some of Chasse Consulting’s services include designing evidence-based agendas, developing technical and sales presentations for breakout sessions, certifying presenters, and conducting on-site management of breakout sessions.

Services include:


  • Program Management
  • Evidence-Based Agenda Design
  • 24-hour Global Support
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design

Day of Event:

  • Main Stage Event Content Development (technical and sales)
  • Graphic Design
  • Walk-Through Evaluation
  • Event Support and Logistics
  • Train-the-Trainers
  • On-Site Support/Coordination
  • On-Site Presentation Cleanup

Post Conference:

At Chasse Consulting, we believe training and development continue well beyond your conference. Our post-conference learning services ensure the messaging you worked so tirelessly to deliver resonates long after your conference, including:

  • Reinforcement Learning Program
  • eLearning*
  • Sales Tools*

* These services maintain mobile functionality to ensure anytime, anywhere access to learning materials.

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