The mToolbook+: Sell Smarter

Why Do People Need mToolbook+?

In the ever-changing world of sales, rep flexibility and agility are paramount. From navigating longer sales cycles to meeting growing quotas, sales teams need to be armed with targeted sales content and tools to help them close deals more quickly.

With the traditional unfocused approach to sales content distribution, many reps are left paralyzed and unproductive, with the average reps spending as little as 34% of their time actually selling. The mToolbook+ solves this problem by delivering only the most important, relevant content, tools, and training your reps need when they need them. Enabled reps mean sales targets stay on track, and the enterprise meets its revenue goals.

What Is the mToolbook+?

The mToolbook+ is a customized mobile web application that integrates all the must-have tools, content and training that your team needs to efficiently navigate the sales cycle and gain a competitive edge. The mToolbook+ features easily-accessible content, transparency for management, and unique tools that generate an unmatched sales experience.

The benefits for Sales People and Managers:

  • More Time Selling: With its intuitive and engaging design, the mToolbook+ promotes ease of access to your most essential sales materials. The result? Reps spend less time searching for meaningful content and more time using it to sell.
  • Content Governance: Because the mToolbook+ is closely monitored using Google Analytics, content managers know exactly which assets are being used and how often they are used. Armed with this data, marketing and enablement teams can populate their mToolbook+ with materials that have a proven track record of user adoption, allowing reps to be confident in the tools and resources provided that will lead them to success.
  • Analytics: Utilizing the Google Analytics API, the mToolbook+ easily demonstrates ROI by giving you insights into how the mToolbook+ is being used and which tools are most popular. This critical information helps to ensure your sales team is armed with only the most relevant content and tools with proven records of success.

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