Chasse Consulting: TranslationChasse Consulting’s Translation Services ensure that your organization’s message stays true to your vision. We promote your message, making it capable of reaching global audiences and employee bases through a strict adherence to translation practices that are both ethical and professional. Therefore, cross-cultural mistakes are eliminated and your message remains universal without sacrificing its core meaning.

Chasse Consulting provides a wide range of language translation services. From translation to editing, to in-house multilingual graphic design, we are a true “one-stop shop” for all your language localization needs. We not only produce translated content via multiple delivery platforms, but we also provide audio voice-over recording and subtitling services produced in our on-site recording and production studio.

At Chasse Consulting, we employ translators with direct experience translating many different types of media and subject matter. These translators are required to abide by Chasse Consulting’s strict quality standards while working directly with our clients’ assigned regional subject matter experts (SMEs). This removes the burden experienced by our clients of continuously managing the communication process between translators and their internal teams.

We also understand that on-time delivery of accurate content is a critical component to the translation process. Our translation team creates and manages project schedules that ensure on-time delivery of high quality translated content.

When working with Chasse Consulting translation services, you will encounter a truly flexible service provider. Each client’s specific needs are taken into consideration. At Chasse Consulting, we exhibit a unique nimbleness, not seen in other translation providers, adapting to your specific and critical business issues.

Translation services include:

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