Enterprise and Persona Based Selling™

To sell value, one needs to know and understand the customer’s world, challenges, and initiatives and customize the conversation and solution to address each of these. This becomes even more important when sellers are selling to executives.

The customer is at the core of both Enterprise Selling Methodology (ESM) and Persona Based Selling™. This is because no matter how great your solutions are, if you don’t truly understand your target audience, their critical business issues, their KPIs, and their influencers, you will be unable to differentiate yourself and your solutions from those of the competition. Enterprise Selling Methodology and Persona Based Selling™ programs are customized to enable reps to effectively engage in strategic conversations that will position them as a credible resource and a partner with the skills they need to design an impactful solution.

Current research reveals that prospective senior executives rate only 7% of the sales calls they take part in as “being worthy of a follow-up.” Behind this alarming statistic is the fact that the quality of the average sales conversation is poor, and many times the seller does not truly understand the person they are selling to.

Enterprise Selling Methodology and Persona Based Selling™ enable the seller to differentiate themselves by turning the conversation from a product-focused discussion to a persona-focused discussion. The focus of the conversation is on the concerns and critical business issues of the person behind the title and placing the seller in the prospect’s shoes.  Our training enables sellers to confidently approach these personas and design a solution that truly meets their needs.

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