Technical Product Training

Technical Product Training

As a part of your sales team, your technical sales force is also the face of your organization.  They must be equipped with up-to-date information about your product capabilities and differentiators and be able to effectively communicate clearly and concisely to your customers.  One bad interaction with the customer can threaten the health of an account and impact your revenues and competitive edge.  However, training your technical sales force on your products and enabling them to speak about them appropriately in a sales situation can be a challenge.

Chasse Consulting understands this challenge and develops technical product training courses, available online or through face-to-face training.  These courses are customized and easily accessible to your sales team.  Created by technology experts in the industry, our technical product training courses ensure that your team can intelligently explain your products while also selling them effectively.  So whether you are launching a new product, acquiring one or trying to reinvent an old one, Chasse can write the content for you, or we can use your content as a source for module development. And Chasse will deliver in the modality that is best for your organization – online, mobile, virtual or instructor led.

Customer Testimonial:

“What resonated most with the leadership team of Chasse Consulting, as compared to all the other vendors we considered, is your professional knowledge of sales and adult learning theories – specifically how attuned you all are to how adults learn, and teaching in a manner that makes sense to adults and sales professionals.”

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