With a tight budget and many conflicting priorities, leaders are challenged in strategically determining how and where to apply their training resources.

Even though there are budget constraints, it is critical – and it is expected – that your sales force remains appropriately trained.  A training plan that details a clear 18-month path for new hires, existing reps, and those that are struggling is the only way to strategically allocate the time, money, and resources in a way that maintains your competitive edge and meet your strategic objectives.

Chasse Consulting develops and assists in the delivery of a comprehensive training strategy that will help you increase sales revenues, decrease your current cost to train, and improve your competitive advantage.  Our training plan is customized to fit your needs, your culture, and your solutions.

Customer Testimonials:

“Prior to Chasse, Sales Representatives introduced themselves, talked to the bells and whistles in a ‘isn’t our product cool’ mentality, then referenced Microsoft. Now, we engage with a value proposition and customize the solution to the organizations problems.”

“Our team is able to qualify accounts better, and we have seen a reduction in the sales cycle. In addition, Chasse Consulting made it easier to enforce and manage our process.”

Training services include:

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