OnboardingEffective onboarding is a critical component to the future success of an organization.  When properly developed and deployed, onboarding drives revenues reducing turnover and retaining top talent, resulting in an exceptional return on your training investments.

However, many organizations fail to develop an effective onboarding plan, resulting in increased costs and lost revenue as a result of inefficiency.

Organizations spend close to $140 billion annually to recruit and train new employees.  Without a structured on-boarding program, over 50% of newly hired sales reps leave or are terminated before becoming productive within their role. The cost of replacing sales talent is nearly 1.5 times their annual salary.

Organizations that have implemented a structured on-boarding program have reduced their new hire turnover rate from 14% to 2%, with a productivity increase of up to 40%.

Close to 60% of company leaders claim they don’t have the right marketing team in place to meet customer needs .

Chasse Consulting develops an onboarding plan that gets your new hires up to speed quickly, accelerating their integration in the business and their contributions to the bottom line.  Our plan includes a detailed road map that provides your new hires a clear path of where they need to go and what they need to do, to be successful in their role.

Onboarding services include:

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