Whiteboard Presentations

Whiteboard Presentations

Every interaction your sales force has with the customer is an opportunity. Make it effective by developing and certifying your sales force on a Whiteboard or mWhiteboard™ presentation. This interactive and compelling presentation engages your sales force in a two-way conversation with their customers on your current or acquired products and solutions. It is designed to stimulate interest in your solution, facilitate a discovery conversation, and prompt the buyer to provide information that will lead to a sale.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies have used Whiteboard presentations to successfully engage their customers. At Chasse Consulting, we specialize in designing customized Whiteboard and mWhiteboard™ presentations and training your sales force to use them effectively.

Differentiate your sales team from the competition and replace the ubiquitous PowerPoint presentation with an interactive mWhiteboard™ presentation that your sales force can use anywhere and anytime.

Customer Testimonial:

“When I look at what we paid for the engagement, and what we got out of it, and the results that can contribute to that effort, I would have to say that the return on investment was a lot greater than certainly what I expected.”

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