eToolbooks™: Sales and Technical

Organizations provide their sales force with tools, but often times there are either too many or not enough of the right tools to help them sell efficiently. This may result in a sales team that is unprepared and vulnerable to the competition.

Differentiate your sales team from the rest by offering the “must have” tools they need to help them effectively navigate through each stage of the sales cycle.

Chasse Consulting designs and creates an electronic sales tool book called the eToolbook™ that includes critical tools customized specifically to your products, market, and strategy so that your sales team will know what to say and do throughout the sales cycle.

Chasse’s Sales eToolbooks™ have many benefits, including:

  • Reduced ramp-up time and faster time to the first sale for new hires to the sales organization
  • Improved collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Stronger outcomes for new product and campaign launches
  • Must-know information delivered in a format your sales team will use

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